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All The Mods 1.3.8
9 months ago

All the mods version 1.3.8 has been installed on the server.

about 1 year ago
  • Tweaked compass cost prices, it's now 100 per transport
  • Removed click to confirm on compass transport.
  • Sign formatting has changed, remove the IC from the sign title, for example previously shops were made by entering [ic:shop] on the top line, this has been simplified and is now just [shop]
    • Also note, this method of accessing the shop will likely be removed at some point in the near future as spawn has a dedicated shopkeeper
    • Existing signs will continue to function until they are edited
7/30/2020 - Better storage options
about 1 year ago
  • Crafting a chest by itself, will now grant an upgradable chest.
  • It's now easier to show someone else why you're looking at by shift-left clicking with a torch to point at it.
  • Spawn revamp in progress thanks to Ertuu
  • Mining World Added (do not build here, as beautiful as it is, it will be reset at some point
about 1 year ago
  • Land tool is finally fixed, you are now good to reclaim your territory
about 1 year ago
  • Trench tool is fixed and ready to go
  • Chop down entire trees by sneaking
  • PVP is now off by default but people can opt into it in order to duel /pvp

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